I was kidnapped and he wanted to rape me but instead...

Date: 2/6/2019

By PleasurePrincess

A guy kidnapped me and wanted to rape me.(in such situations I'm always calm because I think I can stop them by being calm and talking to them etc) I still got my phone and could call the police but idk where I was and I also didn't text my friends "help", idk its a dream. He wanted to fuck me but I said "noooo and I'm on my period" he wasn't aggressive thats good. He sat down on his chair and stroke his dick and I was like:" I can do that for you" ( he wanted to fuck me but I didnt let him so I at least wanted to do that for him so he wouldn't rape me idk) I touched his dick with my hand and he liked it so much I could hear it. I liked it too and wanted to unbutton his jeans and do more but then suddenly he stood up and I think people he knew came over. I was so inpatient I wanted to continue but he was busy... yea weird dream xD