pack of dogs, cloud of cats, crowd of people

Date: 8/15/2017

By Naicker

15/08/17 8am - 11am This dream contained groups of at one point there was a pack of dogs, at another point there was a cloud  (cloud?) of cats, and at another point a group of people.  The dogs was when my land Lords dog ran outta the gate and I went after him and saw that he was doing it coz there was like a female dog that's similar looking to him, so I thought I'll just let him have his romantic moment, then like suddenly there was dogs like all over! Not in a scary way or even happy way, in an indifferent yet acknowledging this is freaken weird sorta way. I was at my my grans old place, like sleeping on her bed by myself. There was a couple newly born kittens on the bed, I don't know from where, I was petting them and stuff and started like cuddling this one closely and all of a sudden it bit my arm and scratched it quite bad, and I looked at the kitten like wtf, and noticed that it wasn't the same kitten I thought I was playing with, this was a slightly bigger kitten that I somehow knew to be like a wild cat from outside and that it musta been attracted there coz of the kittens, then I noticed a few more cats on the bed, like fully grown ones, then suddenly the whole room was filled with cats! Like no place to even walk, some of them were trying to attack me, but like....I wasn't overly concerned, I kept hitting them away and just wondering like wtf, my came there and asked me what happened and I showed her my bleeding hand and then we said some stuff I noticed my friends outside my house, like just standing and chilling, and most of them wernt friends friends but more like acquaintances like from back in high school.  Suddenly I realised I forgot to put on my shirt, so I told them I'm coming back now and then  started walking to my house, few friends came with me and I told them I won't be long so wait outside, but I was actually embarrassed about my mother for some reason, and they started to protest but one of them noticed that my mother just got outta the bathroom so she probably wanted some privacy, I told the guys off for protesting and we started walking back to the other guys.