Song writing

Date: 8/2/2019

By sugarbelle

I had a dream that I was with a small group of people and we had to write a song for a performance or something. It was kind of like “sing” at Baylor university but there is actually singing involved and it is original songs. We made up a cheesy song together, but then the next task was to do a serious song. Me anthony reed and some other girl went to work on some stuff for it but everyone else went into the other bigger room. For some reason we were in the bathroom taking turns on the toilet. We could hear them working on songs and they were SOOO GOOODDD. I was rly mad bc I’m not a song writer, but I’m a singer and this is the part of the camp of whatever it was that I could’ve really contributed to. I heard the songs and they were all really talented so I just gave up. I left the bathroom stall while anthony was shirtless on the toilet. That was normal for some reason? Idk. Then I went on this elevated platform where there were sinks and toilet paper. I was blowing my nose. Everyone was asking why and if I was crying, but I told them i was laughing too hard. I just kept blowing my nose for a long time. Then Delaney walked by with her mom and went on a scale. Then the mom started cheering saying that she was finally at the right weight to do this dance thing. She didn’t even notice I was going through something so I just pretended to be happy for her. Then I woke up.