Date: 8/29/2019

By latangelov3

My boyfriend came over to my house but so did another girl, she was quite annoying. She tried to hide from us in a box and she said if you can get me out then. I’ll stop. There was a small hole on top, and I dropped some ice cubes in, she kept throwing them back up, so I covered the box and went to sleep with my boyfriend. I realised as we’re going to sleep, that the girl isn’t out, my boyfriend says it’s okay if she dies, but I go and pull her out, she’s still breathing. My boyfriend started to see some people even though there was no body at home, the swiches would come on, but I could see them too, that was scary. The next day we’re out roaming in the car. I park on the side, and we see this underground tunnel filled with water, that had neon trees in it, it was beautiful. Later, I’m out with my parents, Mounika and friends , and her mum. My mum wants To buy Maggi, I realise that everything in our surrounding is a satalite image replication, because a tower the satellite couldn’t capture well is overlayed with a clip art tower. I had a dream in a dream