Nightmare #1

Date: 3/3/2017

By diannaxoxo

ok so it all started as me sleeping in my bed. i started to hear and see paranormal activities through dolls, mirrors and people. a mirror fell getting glass into my hands, but no blood. my friend asked me if i needed any help but i didn't respond. my other friend said from the other room "i see them demons, d money". fast forward to me getting attacked by something and jumping off of a building. i then wake up in my dream and i ran into my moms room only for it to repeat. i then started screaming "WAKE UP" it started as me mumbling it, then to some sort of demon screaming it into my ear. i woke up in another persons bed by forcing my eyes open. i'm now awake sitting in my bed absolutely petrified to tell my mom for dad, drinking water. what does this mean?