Date: 6/3/2017

By Bannanaleafer

The dream starts with this a man who looks familiar (messy brown hair, stubble, short-ish) getting into a plain through the walkway/hallway thing. I am very confused at this point so I decide to just go along with it. The man walks into a Boeing 747 and goes to the business section. He speaks to a fellow passenger about something but I can't hear him. After a while I notice two things: the plane is parked somewhere in Japan, and the guy my dream is following looks almost exactly like a kid in my school. So after I realize that, I'm now more confused and lost than I was before. The plane takes off fine and nothing big happens. I find out the plane is headed for New York and I think, "Oh lit, I love NYC!" But it's not lit, nothing in this dream is - it's all weird af. So then it randomly skips to a black background (I can see nothing) and some narrator dude saying "Barnes wants to shake hands with more Americans than are located in NYC. He works at the 'Handtography' lab in Japan." The narrator then stops talking and we once again fast forward to Barnes walking through the streets of New York. He asks a lot of people to shake their hands and some people do - most don't and I completely understand tbh. At the end of the day (with a few fast forwarded parts) my dream follows Barnes back to a hotel looking place and he goes to sleep. During the time Barnes is asleep I hear a voice that sounds like the kid I spoke of earlier. He says, "I could've been more Japanese" which isn't out of his normal kind of speech. This kid (Let's call him M.B) takes Japanese class and is sort of obsessed with Japan. Toward the end of him talking Barnes (his dad? Idk) wakes up and we go back to him on the plane. After a lot of wtf-ing I learn that all I saw in New York was just a dream of something Barnes was having. This dude was so weird that he dreamt of shaking hands - like wtf dude. Any who, he decided to write down his dream in waterproof pen (why he did it, I have no clue but it was the reason I apparently "know" all of this) and when he finishes the plane starts to shake. Like more than turbulence. So even I'm freaking out now, even though I know it's a dream. After shaking for about 2-3 minutes, (there is a clock in front of whatever form my mind is in so I can tell) the plane goes into a steep descent (like worst than normal) and I could tell it had stalled. So I'm screaming for the pilots to lower the nose so the wings can receive more lift but no one can hear me cause the sounds around us are so loud. After 4 minutes of falling the plane crashes and I jump back into my body (idk if I was in it before??) and am sitting in a house I've never seen watching "1 man - 36 hands: A mission to save the world".