The Stadium

Date: 6/29/2017

By Pyro

The dream began with an earthy vibe, I'm not apart of many dreams I have so this is another appearance without myself. The earthy vibe gave the look of a cartoon, like the Avatar, or something like that. The movement was slow, and unplanned. The sky was covered in dark clouds full of rain. A long stone wall, making a messy circle on the map. The inside of the wall was tall dead grass, almost seeming burnt. A group of about three to four people gathered on the outside of the wall and somehow gradually got in. They all explored the area, until soon one of them fell into the grass, realizing the floor was full of rotting corpses and skeletons Everyone was messing around thinking this was some elaborate prank until a tall figure, with a toothpick in his mouth appeared. "They're real." He spoke in a chillingly calm voice. "What happened to them?!" One of the people screeched. "What's gonna happen to you if you don't leave." He responds, before everything went to a black, then green. Then I finally woke up.