Ravages of Red

Date: 3/15/2017

By Fitful

This dream can never be put into words, the barest bones of what it is will be represented by what I write down here. I want to say that this is exactly the thing I sought to see when I began recording my dreams. There was a world, a red planet, Red sun, red desert. It was being ravaged. Not by anyone one thing but the heat ravaged it and those plundering it's resources, ravaged it. This was all highlighted by a giant bulldozer or some such beast. It was a machine, like we are familiar with, only taller than the moon. A hundred thousand men could sit comfortably on one tire. This thing was huge and I was upset witnessing it. The world around it was this empty red desert, and still being ravished. I was a woman, with a woman's body tall, long, thin, and ephemeral. I was half translucent, as was the tree I lived in, and my mate. I was tall, long as if my race was warm taffy and pulled and warped in our transparency, on a barely visible tree, in the middle of an invisible planet and beyond was space distorted by the colors in our ephemeral bodies. I had come here with my mate, he and I drove a spaceship, although it seemed made out of the same transparent stuff we were, and this tree was our home now. But after moving in and settling for a second he comes home with another mate, a male and I am slightly irritated. The irritation goes as this male has another male mate and then suddenly more mates come in and show up. Female and males. In pairs and alone. For him and for me, but none exclusively belonging to anyone. Even though I am aware these mates mate match me, females and males all of like compatibility, I feel the need to protest and give into my initial jealousy and territorial nature before I can settle down and accept them. While I witness the multiplying of the mates I am watching myself from some areal view as I travel up and down a type of elevator in the middle of this translucent tree. I am tentatively back on the planet we started with. Earth ravaged by heat and plunderers, now a vast red desert. Simultaneously I am interviewing someone on TV. Both scenes overlay each other and and I get this super imposed thing of both transparent images and solid images. The woman is telling about how she created a movie, and the director who she referred to as "him" would change his mind mid scene on what he wanted. And she said she was always ready to oblige. While she said this the vision of earth was a huge vortex of swirling red clouds, dust, heat and fire like the fires of the sun. My perspective was small, like with the bulldozer, and I was inside it watching the majority of it whirl above me. Being at the eye of the storm of creation. Beyond its fire swirling was a shadow of a giant godzilla as tall as it was, and a million things were created and destroyed in an instant within this massive tornado. It suddenly clicked with me, and this is inside the dream, that everything I knew had been wrong, and I finally reached what I'd wanted to know all along. I saw everything differently, even the ravages of the world which I saw in the beginning changed, and nothing was wrong or evil or perpetuated against anything. And the tornado which the woman created to please the him who directed her movie, well she was the "him" or a part of him and it was her thoughts which built up the thing, built anything solid from ideation into physicality. And the woman, with the multiplying mates, was merely seeing representations of herself. And the realizations and epiphanies went on and on. Darkness felt no different than my skin and just as comforting, and the light and fire and pain and death felt no different than life and love and connection and wholeness. I realized stuff I can't even remember now that I'm awake.