Neil Simon is a woman?!

Date: 5/24/2017

By Purple

In my dream, I was in a theater auditorium's lobby with other theater 🎭 attendees. Someone pointed an individual out and said he was Neil Simon (famous playwright from the 1960s and 1970s, who wrote The Odd Couple). I remember thinking how cool this was and was the first to ask to have my photo taken with him. As people started gathering to do the same thing, Neil Simon and I were against the wall, looking at the woman who had my camera phone for the photo. As we were posing, the person I was with was a short woman. I mean like only 4 feet tall. I stooped down, ducked, debated kneeling (ha! That's a pun!), and ultimately just leaned in while standing. When I took my phone back to review the photos, I was highly disappointed. There may have been at least half a dozen pictures taken, but the photos all had a full picture of me, and only partial images of the woman, or none at all. It was as if this person taking the photos was stupid or intentionally cut out the other person.