kidnapper and stranger things

Date: 7/8/2019

By kiahrb

I’m not sure how we all got there but Nancy, Steve, mike, Lucas, max, will and I ended up in this strange house. Max was already there and the people had done bad things to her. We ended up getting kidnapped and they made us stay at the house. they gave us all rings and if we were to take them off we’d die right away. The rings were all different like one random person’s was that if they touched their ring to a princess suit they were wearing under normal clothes they would die. (and that person did die) Mine in particular was weird because I can’t even really describe it. It was kind of like if I took off my ring everything around me got darker and the moon came out even though it was day time, and I got colder and would die. Except when this happened to me I didn’t die instantly like others would if they took off there ring. I fell to the ground and I was dying but I saw my ring in the grass and put it back on. I stayed laying in the grass pretending to be dead so I could escape. It was going well until I somehow made a noise and the lady (one of the kidnappers) saw that I wasn’t dead. I got up and went to her and I made up and excuse as to why I wasn’t dead. She then took me into the house where the others were but I didn’t really see them. eventually the dream was switched from my point of view to Nancy’s. Nancy was in a room by herself and so she broke the window and escaped. Steve escaped too. Now back to my point of view I was also by myself in a room and I’m not sure how but I escaped. Once I got out of the house I ran to the house across the street and begged the woman who lived there to help me and take me to the police station. She didn’t believe me when I said that I was in trouble. Soon the lady kidnapper was coming after me in a white rusty van. The woman that I ran to finally got in the car and was driving away. She was too late though, because by then the kidnapper was tailing us. I wasn’t even in the car I was standing on the outside holding on. I actually don’t think it was a car I think it might’ve been some sort of motor bike. The woman swerved in the middle of an alley way and we got off. I don’t know where she went but I ran as far away as I could. I ended up in this part of the neighborhood and I was begging anyone I could to help me but no one would believe me. I saw the kidnapper in the van so I hid in some grass. Once I came up I ran into Steve and Nancy. Behind them was from what I remember mike, Lucas, and will.