Bad Acne and Drunk at the Mall (Yasha and Umayma)

Date: 9/4/2019

By levinelover

Acne got really bad and I needed a new product to get rid of it, I didn’t wanna have acne my whole life Jeffery star and this other person said it would make my skin pruny and I’d pick at it, I knew they were right since I pick at my face every single night. Jeffery star had pink hair. I came back when I realized I could put lotion on my face every night and make a genuine effort not to pick at my face. I went back to the place, Jeffery’s hair faded and and he looked pale all over. There was just a little pale trace of pink in his hair. They said it was possible but didn’t recommend it, I had to ask like 3-4 times until they answered me. Then I was drunk in a closed mall with Yasha and Umayma. Yasha walked away somewhere and Umayma say with me, but I didn’t wanan sit with her. An old brown man both of them knew came into the mall, and they followed him and talked to him. I talked to him a little too but they were embarrassed cause I was so drunk. I had squash and 3 other food things I didn’t want. I decided they didn’t taste good enough to hold onto, and left them on the counter of a closed mall food court.