Hanging out with the Kardashians

Date: 5/14/2019

By anitablacktina

So I won this free trip to go on a vacation with the Kardashians. When we got to the place of where we’re staying I got to pick my own room so of course I picked the master bedroom. I sat my luggage in there and just observed everything there. I then go into the room Kendall Jenner was staying in and she had this weird alienated blue bug walking around with one huge claw. I was freaked out by out but I didn’t show it. I just kept my eye on it. It then crawled on the wall in the way of Kendall and she then grabbed it and threw it on the ground without a care. I then went to my room to go get ready and Kylie & Kris Jenner walked into my into my closet with a gift but it was weird because it seemed like they were trying to smell my cooter unnoticingly but I noticed and told them straight off the back that I have a yeast infection and they were not phased by it. Kylie then shows me the gift which was a waist trainer and she put it on me. She tried to tighten the crap out of it to the point where she threw me on the bed and she got in top of me to tighten the lace. After that I got dressed and we all went to the pool together to take pics and chill out.