lucid fail

Date: 1/29/2019

By squidward

i pretty much lost my ability to go lucid when i got sick, so i gotta practice to get it back oh wellllll anyway, some guy who i don’t know was rubbing my pussy through my underwear (love how i just went from casual statements to that) and it felt good. he disappeared into thin air and i was on my bed. i looked to my painting above my desk and there was something above it. it looked like an object that was blurry and i didn’t recognize. it was morphing shapes a little bit and was grey. after a few seconds, i realized it was a light and i thought to myself that that was weird for the light to be morphing like that and i thought i was dreaming for a second. i literally said word for word in my thoughts “i can’t believe i thought i was dreaming ha” i can be so stupid whew. i went to nicos cage and he peed in corner and i went to cover it up