vacation fling interrupted

Date: 1/18/2017

By ColossalBetch1

I was at this hotel with my best friend and her boyfriend (we were all 20-24-ish). And for some reason I was dating a guy that looked a lot like Scotty Sire- which I mean I don't mind, he's pretty hot in my opinion. But anyway, at night we were all hanging out with a couple of other friend by the pool I think, laughing, having a few drinks and dancing. And the guy I was dating (let's call him X), so X and I snuck off to take a walk on the beach and make out. And then we made our way up to one of our hotel rooms... I think u can guess what happened next. And in my dream, everything flashed to the next morning where my best friend, her boyfriend, X and I were painting a wall, tiling, building shelves (etc) in a newly constructed room in a very tall hotel (I think we were at least like 30 storeys up). And X kept saying how he's not as good at all the building stuff as my best friend's boyfriend was, and was getting insecure because he saw me chatting with him (best friend's bf) and having conversations about cars and about how our family members owned certain motorcycles... Etc. And X said that he was afraid that we have nothing much to talk about and that I'll get bored of him, even though I kept telling him that was not gonna happen. So I took his hand and dragged him out of the room (through a door linking to our hotel room) and I made him stand in front of tall glass windows with me (hugging) which looked over a large city and some white-sand beaches. It was pretty romantic. And then we started kissing and even though my friend was in the next room, we decided to fool around, and right when we started making out again, I wake up to my mom opening my door and shouting that I should get up because I have exams and it's almost 8am. Ahhh right at the best part!