It... like from the horror movie. 🤡👹🔪

Date: 4/18/2017

By Nikki_Ghost_13

I don't even know where to begin. Let's start off with the horror movie I have never seen the movie so my dreaming may be off but I was suggested to see it by a friend, I haven't yet ,but I plan to. Most horror movies don't really phase me, like the conjuring and the conjuring 2. So... I am currently looking for something more intense. Please comment if you have any suggestions!!! Back to the dream anyway a clown following me in a busy street as I get on the bus, like a public transportation bus. It doesn't come on the bus but I did see it out of the corner of my eye. I didn't think much of it then but later, the bus driver that was driving the bus was killed. And of course me being me, I didn't think much of it and just saying somebody had some beef with the guy. And he follows me around. I go to the grocery store and the cashier was also murdered. And then I go to a restaurant and a waitress was killed. Now I don't freak out but I do tell the police that I did know them all. They put me under the list of suspects. Eventually the clown supposedly kills one of my best friends and I go for the ham on it. I literally packed every weapon that I have at my house and go searching for it. I didn't find it that night but the next day I found it and confronted him. He didn't kill me in my dream. Eventually he explained that it was a joke with my friend but the other people were actually dead and somehow we become friends. In my dreams I am friends with serial killers.