Talking Zombie pugs!

Date: 4/22/2017

By datweirdkid

I was out in the backyard of my house when i saw more than two pugs there(Btw I have two pugs) for some reason this was normal and they could talk ! Later on I looked out side and saw a big hole for the dog to get to the neighbors house! So I tried getting them back in my backyard but one of them couldn't talk! I for some reason know that meant that it's a zombie pug!out of the blue I'm in a different location I'm trying to catch this pig (not pug and btw the pig is a zombie animal ) with this other guy we kept on running after it but never caught it.the other guy I was with asked this stranger something all I remember is the other guy asking the stranger if he knew about the zombie thing (because some people didn't believe us about zombies animals)and he said yes so he helped us.