Losing My Mind

Date: 5/11/2017

By MommaBear1026

I'm pregnant in the beginning I'm having labor pains so my dad, and grandma are taking me to the hospital. We are in the car when my dad says it's time for us to go. He turns toward the bridge me, and my grandma ask him what he is doing, but by the time we realize it the car is going over. I remember closing my eyes, but I keep opening them and it feels like the water is miles away, but once we hit the water my grandma gets out and pulls me out. We get to the top, and I can hear her screaming that we need to swim. We make it to the edge, and I turn to look for my dad; it only takes a few seconds for his body to come up to the top. I scream and cry asking him why he would do this? And he turns to me and says that I should have gone with him, that we needed to let go, after this I can see his face change color, and features into someone else. I asked my grandma why he would do that, and she tells me his mother(past) kept showing up on the road. We decide to leave, but I don't remember how we got back home. I'm still having pains but I can't feel the baby like before. My grandma is taking care of my son in the other room. I lay in front of the mirror and I can see my child's head. I start to push, and he just comes right out I can feel him moving but when I get him into my arms he stops. I feel that he is cold so I carry him close to me, and I feel his temperature rise and I hear him cry. I take him to my grandma who is crying as well.