Date: 3/2/2019

By virginiamf

I was with my aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, and dad and we were in orlando, florida. We were going to disney and I was freaking out about getting ready. I was putting on jewelry and makeup. We were trying to decide where to eat dinner but discovered we had to make a manual reservation and could not just walk into any restaurant. The manual reservation was literally manual like these small wooden rectangles had the names of restaurants on them and information like how many were in the party etc. We had to time stamp them before leaving the hotel so that the restaurant would know where to put us on the waiting list. We were arguing over the restaurant. Everyone wanted to go to something called like the Lion’s Den restaurant, but it was in a different park from where I wanted to go because I wanted to go to Epcot and get South African food (which I’ve never had. I guess my brain was thinking about my history project on South Africa). I suggested we stamp all of the wooden rectangles and decide when we get there but they called it cheating.