Two Layer Dream, among other things

Date: 8/14/2017

By astralArbitrary

The first part of this dream took place in our vacation home in Martha's Vineyard, where I briefly remembered my best friend over for a bit. I also remember making food in the oven but my dad ate it, which make me mad. Like, really mad. Then I remember going to sleep in the dream and having another dream there where a doctor stuck me with a needle a few times, which hurt like a real needle and varied in pain. It was weird. I woke up in the dream and later on I remembered having it and wanted to tell people. Next, I was in an alleyway of sorts with a bunch of people. Earlier, I had gotten a text message that sorta turned out to be an invitation to go somewhere and do drugs. Cool. I was waiting next to a girl who seemed a little shaken, but like, in a druggie way. We chatted for a bit, and at one point I pulled out a pack of cigarettes but there was just a French fry inside, which I knew. Then we were walking into the house where we were waiting outside, and the girl there checking for ID or whatever just glanced at my container of whatever drug we were taking (which looked like two white circles melded together in a little tab that you had to pop out) and I went in. Then, I was sitting on the carpet in the main room. It was a small building, with one larger room, where I was, and what I think was a bathroom in the corner. I recognized a few people from school there, and they seemed to be pretty acquainted with the drug, as one of them was balancing 5/6 on the tips of his fingers and palm, apparently intending to take them. The drugs were now shiny purple discs with indentations in the top. Over to my left was a table selling the drugs, I think, in clear packets, and they looked like how they were as I was outside. At some point or other I had put one tablet in my mouth, and as I was sitting and watching everything I remembered as the bitter taste was in my mouth. As I was looking around I noticed that the people I knew had ecstatic facial expressions, red faced, and were shaking and laughing a little, apparently as the drugs kicked in. For a second I thought he was having a bad high, since he had, like, 6, but I didn't say anything. I could kind of start to feel its effects set in. There was a bit of a time skip and I was still on the floor, and the drugs had really started to set in. Everyone was giggly and having a good time just messing around in a sluggish sort of way. It felt great, and I'm pretty sure this is what weed would feel like to some degree. At some point I had slugged up against a wall, and overheard two girls heading into the bathroom, saying that lavender oil was amazing for sleep. I mumbled back about how right they were and how it was amazing with chamomile in tea, and how I kind of wanted some. Then, I was lying on the floor in front of two different girls, who had water in Dunkin' Donuts cups. I asked them where they got it, cause apparently the drug made you thirsty or something and it was common knowledge that water was great to have around. They smirked and indicated that the girl who had let us in had sold it to them. I took a sip, and somehow or other got some on one of the girls, who freaked out. I said that it was just water, but she said it had a "dark romance". I misheard her and suggest "dark aroma". She said no, if she was looking for a dark aroma she would have lifted up her arms. I woke up right then.