Date: 2/14/2017

By JHM2k17

Well the beginning of my dream was different because i woke up to go pee. The first section was me inside some store with my baby brother. This kid from my school who threatened to shoot it up came in the store i got scared so i ran out and he chased me so i got into a car and drove away with my brother. I woke up to go pee lol. After i feel back to sleep i began having this apocalyptic type of dream. Me and A LOT of other people like close to 4,000 people outside in a field. The field was the same one from jeepers creepers (school bus one) most of the people were zombie like beings. There were these flying bugs that were hard like a rock and they had spiky legs and they would fly into your ear and make you like the others (zombie). I remember trying hard to protect my brother and when a swarm came by i would cover his ears with my hands trying to prevent him from turning into one. At one point one flee into my ear and i was screaming trying to get it out. Then there was some sort of loud voice over ahead like an intercom. It was a mans voice. He didn't sound aggressive at all so i wasn't scared. He, very sweetly, told me to "go to the trees. They think their people" and i listened. I went to the trees and the bug crawled out and flew away. I have no idea what the hell this dream means 😂😂 and i figure the man was god lol