Date: 3/20/2017

By kidneypunch

It started with myself with this team. We had to go steal this person from another tribe or something. Once inside, someone catches us but we were able to get the person. I shrunk him down and put him into something. We began to climb over this hill and into this portal into another dimension. The place we were originally at; it was winter and the place we went too; it was in the middle of summer. We were greeted by guards and the guy tells me to wait a minute. I told him something and he hugged me before we returned to the palace. Once we entered; we changed into formal attire; sat in front of a long table and began to eat. We went to bed afterwards, laying on futons but I began to have a vision. it was about the cultures and religions before our times. Suddenly; the Great Mother wakes me and says that I'm remembering. As she left; I looked at the guy and he was still sleeping. The next day; there was a feast for the "Warriors safe return". We were about to eat when I remembered everything. About how the world was destroyed by us and got divided into races. (The races were more like fantasy books; than of colored skin.) I immediately got up and ran to the confession wall. After I had confessed, no one had answered me but I heard another voice answer. She tells me that she is the real Mother and I need to get the races to live in peace. Everyone began to dress differently and began to divide; choosing a side. One Mother or the other. That's when I woke.