Horror test (this is v v v long)

Date: 4/26/2019

By shrineofroses

We happened to be in the mall, and it was a busy day. I was jealous my friends from my old school were hanging out at a waterpark. I was loathing, than suddenly I found other friends at the mall. This is weird, but I was also friends with the actor of Deadpool idfk why. So I was chillin with him. While shopping, our teachers walked up to us and told us about a game. We happily accepted, as it is rude to deny our favorite teachers. We followed them through the mall until we stopped at a stand. They instructed us to smear what looked like red ink on our wrists. I found it shady, but did it anyway. It was a decision we’d all regret. Our wrists began to sting. We watched in confusion as our teachers explained that we just began the game. Those were our marks. What I found strange was we all had dyed hair and were kind of awkward, but my good friend was there so it was alright. We all sat in small room with a little TV. The teacher began speaking, all the while the TV was going. I found out it was to test your focus, and you would have to try and listen to the small TV instead of her. Or you would lose important info. It was going well, until I heard someone bring up killing. I believe it was a story of a student killing the teachers, but not knowing what to do to escape. A tip was to kill while smiling, and not taking it too seriously. I don’t remember much after that, but it started getting eery and stuffy in the tiny room. I mentioned something else strange while in the mall. I brought up a student Annie, who went to our old school. No one seemed to remember her. She was cute, with a doll like face and short blonde hair. I never got to look her up in the yearbook. Or maybe she was never there. Oh yea, I forgot to mention, but Jacob sartorious was hanging with us *intense vomiting noises*