Run down Newcastle castle school(I think I got most of this from my swimming carnival experiences)

Date: 2/24/2017

By mouldy.elf

some Mardi gras thing around Newcastle, then a day later after hanging out at some chick (Christina¿) we went across a cracked concrete, weeds growing, emptyish dump yard full of mostly industrial trash. there was a little staircase going down into the ground and we came across a shop of knick knacks and a lady wearing a mask, I felt like I had dreamed a similar setting, there was records and random sports equipment. there was a table full of masks and the lady was wearing one of her husband. she tried to teach us the difference between a real one and a fake mask. we( I was with a band of people, including em(ily), a former blue haired trans man with a weird breast reduction technique, they seemed almost non existent yet we're still there, almost balloon like, we were also with the main girl who seemed to be guiding us to some theatre or something, she was a lesbian I think, maybe Christina?) then crossed the road and it all seemed deserted and broken down part of town. we reached to building and it turned into some weird hybrid of school, Hogwarts, a museum and theatre. it seemed castle esqus yet run down. (there were people from my grade, Charlotte, Raimondo, brock, other boys, a few girls, Sophie, Olivia, mai,) I was talking to Charlotte about some tattoos on her arm, they were writing that I think had to do with Disney but I cannot remember the words. I needed to go to the bathroom so I went in sesrch of one. there was a girl's one but I was ushered away from that by Jordon middleton, warning me against it as moaning myrtle died there or something, though it looked nothing like the bathroom in HP. more like someweird run down workshop. with a mini water tank? so I left cause it was dark and weird. went to the guys bathroom, went in and all the guys in my grade stared at me and starting mumbling, 'are they allowed in here' 'should we hide our ducks?' they were all standing at urinals and I said something along the lines of 'i am well capable of averting my attention.' they acted disgruntled. then I moved over to a table thingo where I think there were meant to be toilets but it turned into a place where there was lots of girls in my grade milling around trying to gather sports equipment, then miss benkovich was mildly shouting orders to get ready for P.E. or sport. I tried to help pick some stuff up then I woke up.