Last Day Of School

Date: 6/19/2017

By KDNDreamsWorld

This day is the last day of School and I was walking next to a field and the clouds were dark as hell so I knew it was going to rain, so I ran to the canteen but this kid tried to throw a ball to me and I tried to walk away however he was following me and he stopped me and said "can you get the ball." And I said "no I didn't lose it" and I walked to the canteen where I met some of my friends who are walking away. I said hi to them After I arrived at the canteen I ate my lunch and everyone else left but me and I another person, she was waiting for something but I didn't care and so I walked up only to find the way up is shut by a blue board but I was able to push on the spot where there was the door and it opened easily so I went up the stairs and into the lobby and up the stairs to my classroom and then I remembered that the girl in the canteen slapped me I turned around and got hit with a fist and I woke up.