Hotel Lovers

Date: 3/12/2017

By TheName'sCharmander

My first dream took place in a really dark and drapey hotel room, with a couple inside of it. They were having an epic *coupling* session, pretty much rolling all over the place because the room was probably 90% bed and gauzy curtains. At first I was in the perspective of the girl, who had long tawny hair and was really thin. She was having a very nice time; and her significant other (who kind of resembled Lucas Goodman from Lion Babe) kept doing things to her that made her whole body tingle a lot. He would run his fingers over her bare skin or whisper her name really sexily into her ear (which was "Rachel" by the way). Then the dream shifted so that I was in the guy's perspective and he's really happy but also freaking out because I guess he worried about coming prematurely because they were going really fast. He tells the girl that he wants to stop (in a charming way of course) and so they do. The guy is relieved but kind of sad, feeling like he may have disappointed the girl and tells the girl how much he loves her and she's really happy. They start heatedly making out again. I have had one other dream like this where I've switched perspectives between a couple having sex, it was my favorite anime characters doing the deed and it was kinda cool because it was the same dream continued over two nights which hasn't happened to me ever.