The Ghost of Fathers Past

Date: 1/29/2017

By Alisyndrome

I'm pretty sure my dream was heavily influenced by the arcade I visited yesterday with a friend, and my recent trip to Florida to say goodbye to the last remaining items belonging to my father. From what I remember, my dream self was myself at around 9 years old at the condo in Florida. My step mom and a friend of hers were looking at another condo, just kind of staring up at it. I join in to see what they're looking at. In the ceiling is a hole where you can see water. Not spilling or anything, but almost floating. The friend that was with my step mom mentioned that you can see what your family is up to without you if you stare into the water. So I did. It brought me to a bowling alley with two families bowling quite competitively...neon lights were everywhere and the lanes were made out of water. You could do trick throws by going underwater and throwing the bowling ball in quite extravagant ways... it reminded me of synchronized swimming but in a bowling alley. I remember my step dad was there with my mom and remember that being really odd. The other family was my dads side with a group of people I've never met before. After I saw that I was returned to an empty room. I heard a sound and decided to run. That's when I woke up.