Eamery The Opal Dragon

Date: 5/23/2017

By dreamwalker

A castle appears huge and tall the views of it are like I'm in flight, I'm seeing this through my eyes? Or the dragons ? Or both ? War is coming to a land not far away the princess my sister is not happy, we were suppose to be in alliance to whom our elder brother declared war. The squire and I are down in the depths of the huge castle were my sister keeps her dragon Eamery not yet fully grown she is an beautiful white opal Female dragon whose magic isn't totally understood yet. We start chanting a spell of strenght and seclusion, lines drawn in the stone floor begin to glow, Eamery flying all around then takes off to deliver a message of warning to the villagers and kingdom our older brother declare war on. I'm running to tell princess our surprise she said why did we get her a surprise I say because we all weep when u weep princess we reach the room and reveal to her our plan except her younger brother didn't follow through fully to enamoured by court girls Eamery was out alone. The princess starts calling her dragon running to the gate and draw bridge in fear something has happened to Eamery freezing in this now near winter weather. Something fly's in but we can't see it it's invisible the princess senses it's her dragon Eamery but she does not know how to control this new trick and return visible.