Elevator Problems

Date: 4/13/2017

By biscuit

I was in a Korean hospital, trying to visit someone who was sick. I think they had some important details about an event that we had to solve. I got into the elevator with the guy who I was with, and we tried pushing the buttons and stuff, but it moved in ways that an elevator never should. It twisted and tilted and moved sideways, and we finally got the doors open, but by that point we were outside the hospital completely. I think after that we accidentally made the elevator hit the building, and it hurt an old man on the bottom floor. We managed to get the elevator back to where we started, and then I picked up the old man so I could carry him up to where he needed to be. Another person explained that he was the one who invented the elevator, and it had special systems to make sure unauthorized people didn't get in. Then he pushed the down button, even though we were on the ground floor, and the doors opened to reveal a spiral staircase with two sets of steps. The outer spiral had a much steeper incline, but the inner spiral was easier to climb for people with weak legs. I transitioned the old man to my back, and started going up the outer spiral. When we had ascended enough floors, we got out of the elevator shaft and stepped into a forest that should not have been there. There was moss covering the ground, and the trees were about as sparsely spread out as the Prescott National Forest. I don't remember much after that.