my car is trying to kill me

Date: 2/12/2017

By figen

I am in some concrete place, like a skatepark or something. There is a metal fence I'm about to cross. I notice a little dog who is running up to me happily. It looks like a terrier chihuahua mix. I pet it for a minute then continue on. My old car (which I just recently had to get rid of) is driving around a neighborhood on its own. It wants revenge on me for getting rid of it. Somehow it can steal other people's forms and become a human. It starts chasing me around the neighborhood, as I'm running, I notice there are tons of switchblades laying around on the sidewalk. My now car has stolen the form of some four year old, and is trying to stab me to death. I back up away from it For a second, it gets distracted watching another person in the neighborhood. I pick up a switchblade, and throw it at him. It slices into its shoulder. So it basically looks like I just threw a knife at a four year old. The car person looks at me, and starts screaming in rage. I can almost see fire radiating off of it. I start running for my life, as my car is now having a tantrum. I see another knife on the sidewalk. I take it, and turn around to defend myself. My car has changed into the form of a full grown man. It is now charging at me at like 50 miles an hour. Just as it gets right up to me, I stab it in the eye. It starts making these weird screaming noises and then dies.