Date: 7/4/2017

By jessicap1234

It took all afternoon to stop procrastinating about getting ready, and when I did I put on my makeup but stayed in my ratty old shorts and t-shirt for some reason. We were on our way to the school because there was a gr 7 dance that I really didn't want to go to (but sadly had to). When we pulled up, I got out and went inside with my magnum ice cream and my iPod. When I got in the gym, it felt like EVERYBODY was staring at me because I was the only person not wearing something fancy. So I went out and got my phone out but sadly, got in trouble by Mr Gordaneir. I went in the class and asked ms Jordan if I could text my mom and she said yes, so I did. While waiting for her, I took a bite of my ice cream bar and MR G JUST STORMS IN!! He tells me to throw out my ice cream and I keep convincing him to let me keep it. After a while of convincing him, he tells me to eat it in the indoor pool..? Since when was there an indoor pool? And why the hell was there one on the other side of the gym now?