Tornado Crossing Fail, Gas Station Fail, & Mark Wahlberg's Tamed Lion?

Date: 6/20/2017

By fluffytree

Monday June 19th 2017 Moderate sleep: 6pm~12am In my first dream I'm in a big field and there are ominous clouds in the sky that about 3 or 4 tornadoes form out of. I feel like I have to cross if I want to survive so I try to do so on foot only to fail and get promptly sucked up into one. I get a "restart" as if in a video game and try again but keep failing. Finally on my last attempts, I'm Link flying on my paraglider ala Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but even in the sky where I think I have a better advantage I still fail. This seems pointless but I wanna keep trying anyway. Instead though I move on to another dream against my will. Now I'm at some random gas station inside standing in line to pay for gas or get snacks. Maybe both, but I see this cute girl walk in and I think she sees me and smiles but I'm not sure. There's something about her that's familiar but I don't think I've ever seen her before. I wanna talk to her, have a conversation and get to know her, but... I'm just too shy. I feel guilty, ashamed, and weak and move on to another dream.. So now I'm watching some show that has Mark Wahlberg out in the African savanna playing with an apparently tamed lion. The creature acts more like a dog than anything. I keep expecting it to snap on him especially when he playfully flips it over his shoulder and makes him land on its back in the tall grass pretty hard, but no, it just stays there wanting some belly rubs. The trainer there tells him not to be so rough but that's it.