Outside massage parlor

Date: 3/30/2019


I was with Trevor, Connor, and some other people. We went to a fenced parking lot and payed on mats. There were 2 girls on every other guy, then one of them got on me. All clothes stayed on, and after a few minutes the girl on me tried to leave and I said “why?”. She said there was an undercover cop watching us. Then one of the guys hopped the fence and hid in a semi truck trailer. All the girls went to a corner of the lot. Then the cops came in and took me, Trevor, and some other guys (that I was with but don’t know who they were) to a building that was nearby. It was a big empty building with a plane and 100’s of pounds of some kind of heavy drug, and the cops were saying we were apart of it. One of the guys tried defending Trevor saying he was so close to finishing school and setting a life up for himself, and to let us go. But he never got to explaining why I should be let go.