Animals on the loose

Date: 3/27/2019

By nuriri

The dream started off with me driving to a small town and giving Madie some tobacco through her window. Her parents started waking up so I decided to leave and a cop car was blocking the way but he decided to turn around and leave. Madie told me she’d be going to the gas station later to get breakfast with me since it was the only place to eat. I show up steal a cookie and get caught, they don’t make me pay for it. Madie finally gets there and Leah snaps me that she’s at the same store and I guess she has a crush on me or something. I tell Madie about this and she is not very happy as Leah walks around the store with her friends. Later I leave and go to a basketball contest with a lot of special ed people and I actually play in the game. Alyssa is there and she’s on the other team?? I help the special ed kids score and at the beginning there is a lot of cheering but it calms down overtime. I start wondering where if everyone is going and eventually the game is over. I leave and apparently the apocalypse has happened and I walk around my destroyed city and find some sort of witch portal that takes me to Madie’s small town. The animals in the town have all been mutated and have grown in size and started attacking people. They kind of look like borderlands 2 characters now. I have to keep some sort of magic meter on me to at least 80 out of 100 so the animals don’t attack me. I walk by Madie’s house and they all disappeared except for a bird that they owned which is now 5x it’s size and it wants to kill me. It’s stuck behind their fence in the backyard, though. I go inside Madie’s destroyed house and I see hunter sitting on the couch watching TV. He’s lost his mind and I offer to make him some ice cream and he tells me he’d really appreciate that. Leah sends me a Snapchat about her and her friends finding out what is happening in the town and I still have no idea what happened to Madie. I make homemade ice cream for Hunter and I pull myself some ice cream out of the freezer for myself. I wake up