Train trip gone wrong

Date: 4/28/2017

By dixsilence

I was going to a trip alone. I remember going to the station, saw a group of kids and an ugly girl but with beautiful voice. I ran away from them and took a shortcut to the train. I got to the station an picked the first train in sight, barely because they were closing doors. Inside of if it was very long and no free space on the windows. I tried to get to the other cart but we were pulled by chains and the other cart was several meters away. The ticket lady went where I was and she said she was going to the other cart, me and an old lady told her that was impossible because there was nothing to stand off, then I went back to the beginning. The train starts to slow down, the chains broke up hill and we started to go backwards. When we stopped I asked where we were, I was so far away from any known place and I was so scared. The old lady was mad with me because I just jumped in the train without paying the ticked, so I ran away. I was on my way to return to a good road and woke up.