01 April 2017

Date: 4/1/2017

By verisiel

It was me and 2 other guys, we lived together, like roommates. I liked one of the guys, and the other was his friend. The friend came to the other guy very concerned and rushed and I joined the conversation and wanted to join them in whatever crazy thing they were going to do. They had a plan, a crazy plan, although I don't remember what it was. We needed to go somewhere, but a hurricane was coming, we went anyway and we walked through the hurricane, it looked purple, and there were people hiding and looking at us. We reached where we wanted to go, and the hurricane ended. We were looking up a grassy hill with trees on the sides. Somehow we were seeing the past before our eyes, and I learned (they already knew but I didnt) that when we were children we had a task, a difficult task to do, and there were more of us, like 8 or 9, but they all left because they though it ridiculous or impossible, and thus it was the three of us that were left to get the task done. I still have no idea what this task is but I know that it was risky and important. The dream landscape changes at this point and I am with my parents, although I never see them. their presence is behind me. I look up over that hill and I am looking at gothic architecture. It is all black and very beautiful and striking, and there are multiple buildings ( I can only see the tops of these buildings). I remember thinking as I looked at the too of a church, that maybe it could be more beautiful if it had some colour, as it was looking a little dull and 2 dimensional. We walked on through a city, I looked back to see the fron of thise gothic buildings but it wasnt a clear view and I was kind of forced to keep walking to keep up w my parents. I saw a building, high rise but not modern, quite communist style building, and I exclaimed how much I hated it and how it ruined the look of the city. We kept walking and eventually this walking turned into driving, and we are in the car now. I drive, w my parents in the car as well, past a building that is new and modern with greenery on and around the building. I loved it and was pleased to see it but because I was driving, I couldn't look at it as long as I wished bc we passed it. While driving, at stops, I kept getting too close to the car in front. My parent were telling me that I was too close, and I knew that but I couldn't help it. I felt like I couldn't stop the car in time not to crash into the car in front. Thats all I remember.