the most meta shit ever

Date: 5/7/2019

By musieum

i went to school with coryn. we both stayed in bf tho... it was tuesday of exam week and i panicked, i thought i slept in and missed my chemistry class, but i soon realized there wasnt any. so we went to watch a movie in a cinema instead?? we sat near the back. i saw dr. colvard handling his class in the front. there turned out to be indoor plants in the back. coryn made me laugh at something and when i rocked back, i got stabbed by a plants thorn wtf. it hurt so bad and it was venomous so we had to go somewhere. we walked down someplace that reminded me of diagon alley. it was sketchy af tho. there were 2 creepy guys who scared the shit out of us. they were offering dark magic and/or weird alien to cure my plant venom wound(?). they started fighting each other for my attention and money lol. me and coryn got so scared, we tried going back but they wouldn’t leave us alone. eventually, i told coryn i was gonna try leaving getting help while she distract the guys. when i went back to the cinema place, i saw chris evans lol :) but he didn’t help me. he was like an NPC. i was crushin hard on him but he was unattainable. suddenly i realized i was dreaming. i tried to wake myself up but it was freakin hard. i tried jumping from a high place and diving headfirst into the floor to see if i would wake up, and i did for a bit... but then i fell back into the dream. i tried again. i started wandering— no, running— around the city to get myself in an unfamiliar place and wake up. i walked outside, made a right and looked at people eating inside restaurants. it looked like a fudion of NYC and Manila. i kept walking and ended up in a random huge mall tiangge style (like greenhills), but it was called ikea lol. i was tempted to look around and shop so i did for a bit, but all the clothes were cheap quality and they looked tacky too. i tried to float myself up and up till i reached the ceiling. it was so vivid!!! the lighting was white and pink everywhere. then, i took a deep breath, dived down to the floor and woke myself up. it worked. i deadass WOKE up in my dream, reached for my phone and texted maru about everything. after i typed everything, i realized.... o shit im still asleep arent i. so i dropped my phone, and then woke up FOR REAL.