burlesque dancer?

Date: 2/22/2019

By cpearl123

starts off in my apartment talking to my roommates and friends. Someone knocks on the door where I open the door to find these big husky guys walk straight in. We're all confused and I start assuming we are being robbed. We all run into our bathroom where it turns into an elevator? So turns out basically men have taken over our city where us women basically have no rights (Too much of the "Handmaiden's Tale?"). Men with guns are raiding every apartment. One of my roommates is left in the room while we are in the bathroom/elevator. I press down and exit to the lobby to see more men with arms. I'm walking casually and trying to blend in to avoid their looks. As I walk out of the apartment and into the streets of the city, I notice how the city is silent-with mens with guns on every block. I'm terrified as I run through the city, going for the path where I assume less people would be. I run to a residental area with lines of cars. As I am running, I notice someone has spotted me. So I run faster, using the the car's reflections to give me a sense where this someone is. As they are chasing me I am screaming for help and trying to find an unlocked car. Finally I open an unlocked car. As I am shutting the door, the chaser grabs my legs. I think I'm done for until another guys comes in and beats the shit out of the chaser! Unfortunately, it's my ex. He drives me off after dealing the chaser, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I think I'm safe until I realize, this dude is driving back to the infested city! I try to unlock the door and it's locked. I'm confused as he grabs me and takes me to a theater place. As I walk in, he leads me to the stage where he tells others he has caught me and I am to become basically an exotic dancer. I begin training as a burlesque dancer, and I deteriminally do it as it is the only way for me to live. Sooner it's revealed that this is all a front to escape rhis city by escaping during the opening with the help of my ex. Then I woke up because it sounded like such bs