Alan Watts Forgotten Mission, and Inspiration

Date: 3/3/2017

By LionFoot65

I ate some cheese and sage when I went to sleep but I don't think it made my dreams more bizarre than usual lol. I went to sleep at 11:00 and was woken up by my cat but I still remember the dreams I was having. When I woke up at around 3, I remember that for some reason this kindergartener was telling how the solar system worked and showed me a model that was virtual reality style but doesn't even come close to actual models. I remember it being so bizarre that it's hard to describe. He also told me that everyone on Earth was going to leave the Planet to go to the moon for a little bit then come back after a while. The funny thing is that it actually happened in the dream though it seemed like it was caused by teleportation. After that or before it there was a semi dramatic and exciting dream in which I saw Alan Watts and Terence McKenna (two of my favorite philosophers) meet seemingly for the first time. I remember that Alan Watts was talking about something interesting and philosophical and Terence McKenna seemed to look impressed/surprised by what he was saying. After the Watts speech Terence Proposed Alan Watts to Marry him without sex lol. And then he said that he wanted their philosophies to have sex tho lol. I went back to sleep at around 5 and I remember that I was riding my bike at night and I was about to cross this intersection but I had to stop because I realized that there were cars coming from both sides so I stopped and almost face planted off my bike because I was going so fast. Then I saw some cops arresting someone and I got past them without a problem. I then realized I was at the edge of this lake where a bunch of kids were and there were cops there too who might have been trying to control them. The last dream I remember was that I was at the school I thought work at and I remember that I was listening to Logic (the rapper) On a podcast or something and he was saying some really cool and interesting things inspired by Alan Watts I think and using his own style of metaphors and shit that gave life a really totally awesome meaning to it. (It was also really cool because IRL Logic draws a lot of inspiration from Alan Watts.) I forgot what he said though but I'll try to remember... I remember I was on break (smoking weed?) And then a friend I smoke weed with appeared there but disappeared after a minute. I remember that I was crying because of how Logic was making life seem so amazingly beautiful lol and then I saw a couple people I don't even know walk by me and I could tell that their faces seemed to wonder why I was crying lol.