👶🤱 Pregnancy Gameshow

Date: 2/10/2019

By peachkeedi

I was at some kind of stadium with my mom high up on the balcony. There were a bunch of people there (mostly pregnant women), and I was also pregnant. It seemed like some kind of TV show was being filmed where if you gave birth on the stage they give you presents and you win some kind of contest. My mom was super excited about it and while we were up in the balcony I gave birth really quickly. I asked her if I should bring the baby down to the stage and she said, "no, I think they just put one of the babies in a microwave. Let's leave." We didn't get our prizes but they knew that we won. A few other women gave birth as we left. We drove home and as we pulled up my first ex-boyfriend was there. It turns out that I was a surrogate for his brother and brothers girlfriend. I gave the baby over went to the backyard and walked into the pool and waded around. Then I woke up