Percy Jackson and the Deathly Hollows

Date: 6/19/2017

By drunchee

I'm inside a little fort, made of iron fences, grape vines, pretty much any sort of material. Draco Malfoy, albeit wandless (no one in this dream actually has a wand) is trying to get to me and kill me. This is the final battle, and outside my fort a war is raging between all demigods. There was no wizards, or wands. Just magical kids. Like demigods. I am suddenly saved by a van-like-police car ramming into Draco. Out steps this black officer, who is apparently my best friends dad. (Is Ron's dad a cop???) Anyhow me and him join the fray outside, leaving Draco dead. I don't remember the actual battle, but afterwards I'm in a store with some of my friends and I spot Goyle and Crabbe. I know they were part of the war so I attack them as they run to the back of the shop, towards shopping carts. I'm angry at them for being on the evil side in the war. The actual war was over but still. I don't know if I killed them or not but I was pissed. For some reason neither looked anything like Crabbe or Goyle. One looked like Garrett with freckles. Later on, I'm in a cave that is also a make shift stage, complete with stone pillars and support beams. I'm with some older kids, maybe 15, 16 year olds. One is Luke, from Percy Jackson, but a more smug, weird version. Me and the kids keep asking how he is literally unable to die, and Luke keeps showing us how no matter what he can't die. He collapses part of the cave on himself, he's fine. He falls from above. He's fine. It's bull crap. At one point, when he makes part of the cave crumble to prove his invincibility , I notice my book bag is strapped to the column that falls. I think nothing of it at first, but it comes to my attention way later. Anyhow, Chiron, the centuar teacher, comes over and gives some advice and what not. Me, the boys, Luke, and Chiron are all outsiders of the Demigod world for some reason, but we don’t know why. I tell Chiron perhaps we were part of Camp HalfBlood but they wiped our memories and placed us in the cave/stage. He strokes his beard and says that's a possibility. I then leave, telling Chiron thanks for everything and a farewell. Directly outside the cave is the top of a forest with leaves so dense that they create a stable floor, basically a Roofed forest biome from minecraft. Later on I'm at school, in a classroom. I recall some anxious parts involving Allison, but the only real part I remember is me asking the Helper Lady* who's teaching (more helper ladies!!!!) if I could go to the auditorium and retrieve my book bag from the fallen column. Apparently the stage-cave was inside school all along. On my way down the steps I see 8G lined up, plus Travus. I accidently go down the wrong steps as Derek says something funny in a weird voice. Then I try to go back up and Travus is talking to me. I can SEE where I need to be, but I can't get there because of how the weird staircases are set up. I don't think I ever got my black book bag back. Even later on, I'm with Marcos and Alex at a picnic bench at recesss. In the background, teenage fat black girls are playing around on a tan inflatable slide, causing it to tip a ton. Anyhow, I start explaining to Alex about Luke and how he crumbled the cave but Alex doesn't understand. Marcos warns me that Alex probably doesn't care at all. Weirdest part was while explaining to Alex, I was reading from a book, almost like everything that happened before; the demigod battle against Draco Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle's store demise, the cave of stone with Luke and Chiron, and the school's confusing stairs, was all just a book I was reading. Shit.