Purely Demonic

Date: 4/21/2019

By CocoFuze

I was at a house with Gabby, spending the night with her. I was calling my parents, and the connection drop, dropping our call, and subsequently, the lights went out. Gabby and I were in the room in the bed, trying to go to sleep. We sensed the Devil was lurking. We buried ourselves in the covers and waited for the electricity to turn back down. The electricity turned back on and I went back to calling my parents and everything happened again. One more time, everything happened again, except I was able to get a better conversation with my parents. I was talking about a Demonic disturbance, when mom said that the kids she was working with were acting strange. She was in the middle of saying this, when the electricity went out again. This time I went back to the room, we bury ourselves in the covers and started praying to God. I was crying, telling the Devil to get out. I could sense him standing over us, his claws stretched outward toward us. We continued rebuking the Devil and ushering God in. Then I woke up.