Another strange dream

Date: 5/19/2017

By icantrideabike

I meant Obama who was my patient one of the first patients she is a gypsy in the mother of shims you excepting that In real life too so two different people she was dressed in blue denim jumper she had become rich she wanted me too three total sum again and I was busy like you to go to church then go to shop I often dream of that shop andd then I had to go to yoga. She followed me down to church there were a lot of other big gypsies I hate to go down some steps to get inside the church and I saw my mother's bag left outside and I freaked out then it turned out that was an old address to me that was pinned on the door of the church it turned out my mother was a part of a cult. I was really angry with food and we quarreled there was something about a god snake there.