Hitler on a bed

Date: 4/1/2017

By Faith997

So this dream was a little longer and this is just the end of it. To summarize I was in this huge building wandering around searching something. I had this mission to find hitler or I just wanted to meet him. When I approached his room his door war only half a meter tall so I had to crouch to get in. I was very polite in the beginning and he was too. I knew that he was a monster but we had a normal conversation while he was laying on his bed and drawing something. So we talked about art becauseI I illustrate myself. But it all changed when we talked about something and he mentions that all Turkish people have the highest tendency to take cocaine and that its in their genetic code to take cocaine and I said that this wasnt true and that everyones equal and when the discussion got heated I started to punch his face over and over again until I heard every bone crack and blood went everywhere. But I wasnt finished so I took a glassbottle and smashed it on his already deformed head and stabbed his throat multiple times with the remaining shards of the bottle.