A bitch, a Cat, and a Horrible Nightmare

Date: 7/13/2017

By ace200

It started off with a school trip where I was with a male teacher, some friends like Kara and Sarah, and Jocelyn and Donnez were there. Joc and Donnez hated one teacher who came with us and wanted to get her fired. So they tried framing her, and eventually it worked because I spotted her crying as she got fired. I told the male teacher the truth that she did nothing and she was hired again. I called Joc a selfish bitch in front of everyone who only cared about her looks and popularity. That was the end of our friendship. I then remember being at a pet store and seeing a HUGE white cat with Maddy and my dad. This part is long and horrible. I was in New York with Taydem, alone. We just wanted to have a good time, but everything was wrong. At a train station, I saw a baby in a pink blanket get pulled up these stairs by a dog. I chased after them, but they disappeared and I knew the baby was killed, the dog's teeth marks caused blood. Then, all this glass was on train station ground so I alerted someone to clean it. A women started cleaning and sneared at me for making her. Then we were leaving the train station, and a bigger stronger man in his 20s came up to me and says he is Mike or something. I tried to walk away, but he grabbed my arm. Luckily I shoved him away and Taydem and I ran back into the station. He followed. I ended up climbing this pole, but he yanked me down. I flagged down a police officer, but he didn't believe my story. To the older man, he said something like, "I'm sorry this girl is bothering you. Have a good day." Taydem and I full on ran and ended up getting to this country, rural area with one street of houses. It was getting dark and we didn't know what to do. We started cutting through yards to get to the Main Street and people would turn off their lights in their houses, making it darker. We passed by a hay stack that was made to look like almost a rectangular bowl that had two dead girls lying in it. They were dressed gothic with dark makeup. Taydem wanted to do something, but it scared me so we left. All these kids in costumes came out of their houses and apparently it was Halloween. We stood and watched, but dark clouds started coming in and lighting. But it wasn't normal, they were moving very fast and the lightening was blue. "It's an Earthquake!" An elderly lady screamed, as if it happened before. Everyone started running into random houses so we followed the old lady into hers. However I saw this dark shadow figure was in her house. The doorbell rang and we saw the two gothic dead girls at the door. And then dirty hands were coming in from under the windows.