blink- 182

Date: 6/27/2017

By ghostie

I was at a party, but could hear "she left me roses by the stairs..." and immediately got my phone out and was about to get up, but my friends in the sesh were like "where are you going??" and I told them that I needed to get a picture before they stopped performing, and my boyfriend got up and was like "well, come on! she can't miss this!" and we all ran over to the neighbors house to see like five people watching blink play live in their fucking garage. I ended up just watching them play because I obviously had great seats. After they stopped paying I was going to ask them to take a picture, but there was a really bad storm brewing outside and lightning struck the power line and it caught on fire and everyone very calmly was like "I'm gonna go home and go to bed." then I woke up.