Date: 2/5/2017

By druyan

please don't judge me. so there's an adult store near my university that I frequent. I'm not buying dildos constantly, I just really love the staff and the vibe and they have fun things. so I had just gotten back from class. weirdly it was an English class and none of those are required for my major. the professor was really cute when I talked (flirted) with him after class. later that night, I stopped at the adult store. I had to return a dildo because when I opened the box, it was sliced in half. I go to the cashier and ITS THE PROFESSOR. I'm so fucking embarassed. I ask him what he's,doing there and he's smirking and shit and goes "do you know what they pay adjunct professors? have bills to pay." he refunds my money and takes my hand to the dildo section and helps me pick out another one. the tension is real. he picks out one that's average sized and uncut. it's hyper realistic ave feels like skin. when I touch it, he moans. I put it in my mouth and he's going crazy. I put it between my tits and start hub and he's like "pick another one."I pick a bigger one, 8 inches. thick. "ride it" he says. I put the suction end on the ground and squat to ride it. it feels amazing. I look at him and he has another one in his hand, it had to be 12 inches. the one I'm riding is already pushing my limits and I go to say no, but he pulls me up and shoves me against the wall and pulls his pants down. somehow theb12 inch is now his dick? we Fuck and its incredible.