My Neighborhood Abandoned

Date: 1/31/2017

By ForgottenIn2015

I was walking in a heavily overgrown field when through the thicket I saw a desolate road. I somehow knew this was the main road near my house and knew I was about two blocks from my seemed a large grass patch that separated houses from the road was now overgrown with woods and weeds. I walked further and saw an old rotting wooden archway and behind that a clearing. I went into the clearing to see another rotting archway across it and seeing as that was the only path I went that way which was towards where I lived. As I walked down the path I realized I was walking in what used to be the backyards of houses that were behind seemed like half of them were knocked down and demolished, the other half were so overgrown you could not get in them. I continued to walk trying to find a way to my house when I reached the opposite end of the street I started at and saw a chai link fence overgrown with ivy. There was a break in the fence to my right and I tried to go through but the thicket was too dense around the other side. Then I woke up.