model house

Date: 1/23/2017

By I dream of Harding

I was visiting Paloma house in Bethnal Green. I arrived in the dark, trying to find the building with the light of my phone. I remembered there was a poem written on the floor but I couldn't see the words. Rob arrived while on the phone to someone. From his perspective I was a potential burglar trying to break in, so started to run at me, looking to chase me off. I had recognised his voice on the phone. A part of me was trying to decide whether to play a trick on him. It was an intense moment as we were running towards each other in the dark. At the very last moment we were both illuminated and embraced in a hug. It took him a little while to recover from the initial fear. Inside I spent time drawing with oli cronk. He told us stories while he drew clouds in the style of the Greeks. I had never thought about how different societies would have drawn clouds differently but I didn't recognise the clouds and was fascinated. They were much rounder, more grape like and whenever I thought he might be finished, a new curved arch was added. I explored the house, everything a model and things started to collapse when I touched them. Paloma was sat calmly at the table on her laptop, oblivious to the destruction of her house. I saw Joey and pestered him about Henry's hot tub and the colorama speaker system. I wanted to know what the designs were and where I could source the materials affordably. Joeys voice was deeper than usual. He didn't really have time to help me, and got the sense that like everyone else, thought I should just research it online and do the work of finding stuff myself. I realised I was late for work and cycled off