Brother's Bathroom Grave

Date: 2/17/2017

By GermanChoe

The dream began with me chasing a kid around the age of twelve trying to get some answers out of him because I had heard him talk about my brother of nineteen years of age. Every time I would grab him he would get nervous and try to run away. People started holding me down but I would resist and pull myself back up. I finally got a short quick answer from him. He said:- "bathroom" (In a soft nervous voice.) So I quickly ran and made myself into this bathroom that he mentioned. I tried looking for my brother but there was no sign of him. I tried one last trick. I started listening for any sounds that may come from behind the walls. I found that there were sounds coming in from a old locker. I broke into it and I didn't see him. So I dug in deeper and broke the wall behind the locker and there he was. Laying down half naked shivering from the cold in a soldier position. His eyes and mouth all covered by a single piece of cloth. It looked like he was in there for about a month. I made a quick 911 emergency call. The End