Digital art, As the victim tries to flee from the cannibalistic leader in a dark and eerie cafeteria, they suddenly find themselves transported to a luxurious hotel only to be caught and brutally attacked on a live-streamed Instagram feed.

Please don’t eat me

Date: 7/26/2019

By lol878

So I had to take the late bus home with my brother and it was pitch black outside. The bus arrives and it’s this mean ass lady. Some kid put his bag upfront and she refused to give it back. Overall fucking nightmare...but it gets worse. We get to my home stop and it’s fucking scary cause it’s night time but there are still fucking people there, but they all seemed to be going into the cafeteria which was on the wrong fucking side of the street mind you. Then I see my fucking friend kelly which is completely bizarre because she doesn’t even get dropped off at the same stop as me and I ask her why tf she is here but all she responds with is “it’s straight out of a horror movie”. I am baffled as I am ushered into the cafeteria. They say there are people on the campus with knives and I’m like that’s fucking great I just want to go home right now and there’s a lock down. My mom texts me cause she is worried and heard the news. Things get really bad and windows start to be broken. I decide that it’s not safe in the open cafeteria and go into the kitchen. Some trippy shit happens and one of the doors there actually leads to this massive luxurious hotel. I suddenly get a vision of this specific man and just know in my heart that he is dangerous. I run to hide in the hotel but then I see THE SAME MAN sitting with a random family at a table. And he fucking sees me. I run and run and run. But he continues to chase me with a knife. I give up and he pins me down. Cameras are set up and it is revealed to me that lately there is this new movement to legalize cannibalism and this man is the leader. He is about to eat me live on instagram. So yeah it hurts like hell as he takes a chunk from my shoulder. Glad I wasn’t around to see the rest since I woke up.